Counseling / Wellness

Tiffin University offers resources for health, counseling, wellness and referral services.

Counseling / Wellness

Tiffin University knows that every student is an individual, with individual needs. In the event that a student needs mental health counseling and/or referral services, we are available with the real resources and connections to help.

TU’s Wellness and Counseling Center is dedicated to addressing the emotional and mental health needs of students at Tiffin University. Our caring staff provides free counseling using a short-term model.

We also serve the TU community by providing educational workshops, outreach and awareness events, and consultation to faculty and staff.

Student in Crisis Situations

In the event that a student is in a state of emotional crisis that requires immediate attention or intervention with counseling services, the Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life or designee will make an immediate referral to a counselor or counseling service that will be most beneficial to the student.  Students may also refer themselves for counseling services by coming directly to the Seneca House or by emailing

General Counseling Services

Face to face counseling appointments are available to any currently- registered TU student who is able to come to the center.  We do not provide counseling via telephone or video conference.  TU Counseling and Wellness will assess referred students to help determine the most appropriate type of counseling.  If a student’s needs surpass the Center’s scope of practice, our counselors will work with the student to connect them with a counselor or psychiatrist in the community.  Any services that are off campus will be the student’s financial responsibility.

Counseling and Wellness

The TU family includes 2 Licensed Counselors and graduate level interns/practicum students whose offices are located on the lower level of Friedley Hall.  For questions call 419-448-3578 or email Office hours vary with students’ needs.  We offer typical 9 AM to 5 PM office hours, but we also offer evening appointments and groups several days a week.  Any after-hours emergencies are handled by Tiffin University’s Administrator On Call.

Please call or email by using the above information or contact a Student Affairs or Residence Life Staff member to schedule an appointment.


All contact regarding counseling will be kept confidential between the counselor and the student with several legal exceptions.  The counselor will not offer any updates regarding those students to the administration, faculty or staff of Tiffin University, or to any parents, without specific, written permission of the student.

If a student is referred by the Dean of Students or Director of Residence Life through a judicial sanction or intervention for counseling services, the counselor will confirm only information deemed appropriate to the situation to satisfy the requirements of the sanction or intervention.  Students in these situations may be asked to sign a release for partial-shared further information as necessary.

If the Dean of Students or Director of Residence Life makes a mandatory referral for the wellness of the student or for assessment purposes to ensure the safety of the student and others, key information regarding attendance at sessions and progress may be shared between the University Health Services and the Dean of Students Office.

How Counselors Can Assist Students

Counselors assist students with personal concerns on a one-to-one basis, but also by working with small groups.

The following are some student concerns that counselors often address:

  • Homesickness/adjustment to college
  • Study skills enhancement and time management
  • Strategies to overcome loneliness, depression, test anxiety
  • Campus life or roommate concerns
  • Coping with stress, relaxation techniques
  • Becoming more assertive
  • Sexual information or pregnancy concerns
  • Alcohol and drug abuse concerns
  • Decision making strategies
  • Coping with death or divorce

The Bottom Line:  We Care!

The bottom line – We here at Tiffin University care about our students’ wellness, and we will do everything in our power to assist in either helping directly, or making the correct referral.