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What projects and programs are being established or upgraded in the near future?

The near vision includes four essential areas:

  • Reconfiguring over 12,000 square feet of existing space will optimize and enhance the Pfeiffer Library and the Murphy Academic Support Center.
  • The STEAM Corridor and Center for Technology will connect existing buildings and provide nearly 19,000 additional footage of labs and offices.
  • Over 65,000 square feet of new living and learning space will encompass the Center for Innovation and Learning.
  • Creating access and excellence through student and faculty support with additional scholarships and endowments.

Why do you need my contribution?

Whether it is educating our youth for the workplace or assisting in career advancement or change, education is vital to a growing and successful community. No not-for-profit institution, no matter how financially sound, can meet all the educational needs of a community within a finite budget and mandated financial requirements. Endowment and other financial investments are most often already allocated for specific purposes. Because of this, priorities must be set and some well-deserving and important projects must be delayed or not undertaken at all. This creates an opportunity for the community to express their interest in seeing these vital projects happen or be implemented more quickly through a philanthropic partnership with donors. Philanthropy is essential to maintaining a high quality faculty, facilities, curriculum and top notch students.

Can I make a pledge and pay it over time?

Yes, three- to five- year pledges will be accepted. Your support is critical, and we will work with you to accept your gift in a way that meets your needs.

Can I give assets other than cash?

Yes, the University does accept stock and with prior agreement, other assets as well.

How will my donation be recognized?

Donors’ names, but not contribution amounts (rather levels), will be published in the University Donor Honor Roll annually (just as they have been), unless they request otherwise. All donors who give $1,000 will be recognized. Also, there are naming opportunities, for those who desire them, that carry additional or specific recognition.

How many students are enrolled at Tiffin University?

In school year 2019-20 total enrollment was 3,010.

How will these new projects and programs be funded?

They will be funded through a combination of individual, corporate and foundation giving, state requests and through a bond issue.

What if I already give?

We appreciate your current giving. We also hope that you will consider some additional amount for this special transformational effort.

How do I make a planned gift to Tiffin University?

Please contact Mitch Blonde at 419.448.3584 or He, or a member of his team, will be in touch to talk about what you’d like to accomplish and how that can fit the University’s priorities.

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