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Scholarship: IRB, CFP, Reimbursement, and More

Institutional Review Board

Tiffin University Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Boards are a response to the scientific community’s realization that general ethical principles were not sufficient to fully guide the conduct of modern scientific research with protection of human subjects as the goal. International efforts to develop ethical research principles began in earnest after World War II (spurred by the revelations of Nazi war atrocities) and were formally codified in various treaties, resolutions, policies, and laws during the 1960s through the 1990s. The specific historic documents which frame the ethical and philosophical foundation for the modern IRB include: The Nuremberg Code (1949), The Helsinki Declaration (1964), and The Belmont Report (1979). The composition, tasks, and responsibilities of the IRB are outlined in U.S. Federal Policy (Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects – Federal Register, June 18, 1991–Sections 46.101-124)


In-person research can be conducted IF researcher demonstrates compelling means that no other less invasive means (i.e. electronic survey data collection; video, phone, etc) can be used to collect data. This must be included in the research application/data collection procedures. All faculty supervisors are responsible to assure all research conducted by their students is done safely.

All in-person off campus–data collection (if approved) need to follow all Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations as well as any local site health department safety suggested protocols. If collecting data at Tiffin University –all organizational health and safety protocols will need to be followed.

IF approved for in person– researchers and study participants MUST comply with all safety protocols rules required by Tiffin University Policy, including wearing masks and maintaining safe separation between persons occupying the same room as well as using contact tracing procedures.

 Any research procedure cannot increase risk of viral transmission and additional Covid prevention methods/procedures must be very detailed in the research application.


For all IRB information, required training and application materials, please join the Moodle course located at

If an enrollment key is required, use humansubjects

Conference CFPs

The following are sources where general Calls for Papers can be searched: