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Life at TU / Campus Safety and Security / Coronavirus Update / Letter to Parents and Guardians

Letter to Parents and Guardians

From: Dr. Lillian Schumacher, President
Subject: Up-to-date information about Tiffin University

March 20, 2020

Dear Tiffin University Parents and Guardians,

As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to continue communication with you, our Dragon parents and guardians, on the status of the Tiffin University campus.

As you know, providing a healthy and safe campus environment is our top priority for Tiffin University and we continue to stay in close contact with the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the Ohio Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Governor’s Office as we rely strongly on their guidance in our decision making.

None of this is easy and much of it is out of our control, so I ask for your understanding as I share the following information.

Academic Information on Instruction and Online Classes
Tiffin University will continue all classes through an online modality through the end of the semester. Further information on academics and online instruction will be communicated on a regular basis by the Office of the Provost and Academic School Leadership.

Pfeiffer Library
The physical location of the Pfeiffer Library will be closed but the online library will remain open, as students continue to proceed through their courses this semester. Students can still interact with a librarian by email, text and virtual meetings.

Sadly, the 2020 Commencement ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, May 2 has been postponed. We are working to find another date to hold commencement and celebrate the Class of 2020 and will share that information as it becomes available. Students work incredibly hard to reach this milestone and deserve to be celebrated with friends, professors, families and loved ones. At the same time, the health and safety of our graduates, the employees who prepare for and work during the ceremony, and those that join us to celebrate are all our highest priority. We have communicated with graduates that they will receive their diploma and we will do anything we can to help with employment verification.

Student Life and Guidance for Students
At this time, Tiffin University highly recommends, but does not require, students to leave campus and return to their permanent residence. However, we understand that not all students are able to return home, and Tiffin University may be the best place for some students during this time. It is a voluntary decision of students to stay or leave campus.

  • For students who make the decision to leave campus or have already left: Please let the Office of Student Affairs/Residence Life (located in the Gillmor Student Center, or by email at,) know that you have left campus or are planning to leave. Once you leave, you are not to return unless you make an appointment with us to pack up your room. You must arrange a time and day to do this; otherwise, we will notify you when you are able to return to campus to collect your belongings.
  • For students who make the voluntary decision to remain on campus: Please let the Office of Student Affairs/Residence Life (located in the Gillmor Student Center, or by email at,) know that you are on campus and are planning to stay. Tiffin University will honor the housing and meal plan contracts of students who make the voluntary choice to remain on campus. Students must be aware that during this time, university services will continue to operate but in a limited capacity, which will be posted on the TU website. On-call emergency personnel will be available during this time.

In order to inform Tiffin University of your plans, EVERY student with a housing reservation for the Spring 2020 semester MUST complete this form:

Tiffin University is considering options for possible partial spring housing and food reimbursements. We will be in touch as the semester ends with this information. Please bear with us as we consider all options.

The Cole Dining Hall will continue to operate on a to-go basis. Beginning Friday, March 20, 2020, the dining hall will be offering brunch and dinner each day.

All other campus events through at least Friday, May 15, 2020 have either been cancelled or postponed. Our Office of Student Engagement is sending out a daily email to keep campus active and healthy, whether students are on campus or not. No events will be held, unless it is virtual at night or passive during lunch hours.

Tiffin University will remain open due in large part to students remaining on campus; however, effective Friday, March 20, 2020, our open office hours for students will be from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday through Friday, until minimally April 20, 2020. We will continue to assess the situation and make decisions as appropriate.

We at Tiffin University fully understand that this is a difficult time for all students. We are here to support you and we encourage open communication.

Please refer to our website for up-to-date information at

We can only imagine our campus community’s level of sadness, frustration and helplessness and in particular, my heart goes out to our graduating students and their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an extraordinary impact on each of us, in all of the work we do as educators, as leaders, as human beings, and within our individual lives. It is during these times, in particular, that we must stick together because together, we are stronger; together, we can be kinder; and together, we will get through this!

Stay strong Dragon Nation!


Dr. Lillian Schumacher

March 11, 2020

Dear Tiffin University Parents and Guardians:

I am writing today to ease your worry as much as possible given all media around the Coronavirus, and inform you of our current plans at Tiffin University.

Tiffin University has been in close contact with Governor DeWine’s Office regarding the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in order to ensure that we have the most current information about the evolving situation. Even though there are no campus-associated cases of COVID-19, we are being proactive in our effort to prevent illness and promote a healthy campus environment.

Based on Governor DeWine’s current recommendations that all universities transition to remote online classes and limit large group gatherings, Tiffin University is taking the following measures:

All classes continue through our online modality effective today, Wednesday, March 11. Please note, this change will remain in effect until Sunday, March 29, unless notified otherwise. Our faculty and staff are equipped to easily make this transition and student assistance, as needed is in place.

Campus Events:
Effective today, March 11, we are canceling events, which involve large number of individual indoor gatherings and those that had previously invited outside guests.

We strongly recommend the use of teleconferencing, group chats or live streaming as alternatives to in-person gatherings.

Outdoor sporting competitions will continue at this time. Indoor sporting competitions on campus will not allow outside guests.

We will continue to evaluate events and will share plans prior to March 29 to either ease the restrictions early or, if needed, extend them.

Guidance for Students:
Tiffin University will remain open, including student support services, academic resources, residence and dining facilities, athletic, and recreation facilities.

While completing classes remotely, students may choose to return to their permanent place of residence or stay in their on-campus housing. If staying on campus, the University encourages them to take enhanced preventative public health and hygiene measures.
We urge all students to make the choice that is best for their own personal situations.

Please be assured that Tiffin University will continue to implement additional measures as directed by the U.S. Government, the Ohio Department of Higher Education, and the Ohio Department of health to prevent the disease from spreading and will continue to encourage students and employees to take care of their health by following preventive guidelines set forth in the plan which can be found at

For current information and guidance regarding COVID-19, we recommend you visit the following web sites:

Understand that all decisions related to the safety and welfare of our campus and the community may change at any time, and to that end, I personally give you my word that I, or a designated person from my staff, will communicate with you directly.

If a member of my staff or I can be of assistance to you or your student, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Dr. Lillian Schumacher