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Living On-Campus

We Are A Caring, Supportive Community

Tiffin University is a crossroads: we represent who you are now and who you will become. Not only will you find yourself, you will create your best you. Our living-learning environment gives you a home away from home and prepares you for life.

Our students live on campus for the first three years of their time in Tiffin because we believe it is an important part of the college experience. You learn about yourself, how to make it on your own and, best of all, meet people who will broaden your world and become friends for life. Our community reflects the diverse world we live in and creates an opportunity to meet new people you never thought you would.

We offer affordable residence halls and apartments that inspire academic achievement, student involvement, personal and professional development, while focusing on community, safety, wellness, inclusion and respect. TU’s Residence Life Office aspires to develop students who want to be civically engaged, professionally focused and life-long learners. We believe the development of independent decision-making skills is an important part of college.

Tiffin University’s on-campus housing offers a variety of options within our residence halls. Because TU is built around real student engagement, you will find a caring, supportive group of friends in the hall that you choose to live. Community engagement leads to lasting, sincere relationships, and lifelong friendships!

TU promotes a family-style approach of small group living that creates “community.” Living on campus is an excellent opportunity to get to know other TU students, often from other cultures. This interaction leads to a development of self-identity, realization of strengths and weaknesses, greater maturity and a broadening of one’s perspectives. You will find it’s easier to share talents, experiences and skills through on-campus living.

Residence Hall Features

  • Bedroom furniture includes: XL twin bed and mattress, dresser, desk and chair, wardrobe or closet access for each student
  • Free WiFi campus wide
  • Bring your car all four years
  • Residence Life and Campus Security staff available 24/7
  • Dining and game room facilities nearby
  • No quarters or swipe cards are needed in our laundry rooms
  • Lounge equipped with a television and microwave, as well as meeting spaces
  • Access to Residence Life Cinema provides unlimited access to 200+ movies for all on-campus students

Residence Halls

  • A three-story residence hall that can house 102 first-year students.
  • Provides a very large, open lobby area on each floor as well as single-stall restrooms to provide the utmost of privacy.
  • Is the newest of Tiffin University’s residence halls and is equipped with air conditioning.
  • Single room is 13’ x 9’
    • Single window is 34” wide
  • Double room is 13’ x 15’
  • Triple is 13’ x 18’
  • Take a virtual tour of Clay St. Hall here

clay street hall

  • Is a traditional long-hallway residence, centrally located on-campus right next to the Gillmor Student Center.
  • Houses only first-year students and the Craycraft residents traditionally form a strong bond.
  • Can house up to 75 first-year students.
  • Has newly been renovated to be equipped with air conditioning.
  • Single room is 8’ x 9’7”
    • Single window is 34” x 58”
  • Double room is 17’6” x 10’10”
    • Double window is 35” x 59”

craycraft hall

  • Nestled between Craycraft Hall and Franks Hall, and is the oldest residence hall on-campus.
  • Friedley residents are known to be very close, forming the “Friedley Family”.
  • Serves many functions, from acting as a residence hall, to housing the Institutional Advancement Office, Disability Services Office, as well as the Office for Equity, Access, and Opportunity.
  • Can house 52 first-year students.
  • Single room is 5’8” x 14’10”
    • Window is 36” x 59”
  • Double room is 10’3” x 10’3”
    • Double window is 35” x 36”

friedley hall

  • Located behind the Main Classroom Building, Huggins is noted for its unique shape of a horseshoe.
  • Is divided into four different quadrants that can house up to 73 first-year students.
  • Know for its large and spacious upper lobby that is ideal for programming.
  • Single room is 9’11” x 9’7”
    • Single window is 34” x 55”
  • Double room is 9’10” x 18’

huggins hall

  • Can house up to 85 first-year students.
  • Has lobbies that overlook the cul-de-sac, Magnus Terra Commons, and courtyard behind the Main classroom building provide great programming space for the residents of the building.
  • Has newly been renovated to be equipped with air conditioning.
  • Single room is 8’10” x 9’10”
    • Single window is 34” x 57”
  • Double room is 9’8” x 16’4”
    • Double window is 34” x 57”
  • Quad room is 18’ x 16’5”
    • Quad window is 34” x 57”

kirk hall

  • Is a three-story brick residence hall located on Perry Street.
  • Can house up to 36 students.
  • Because the hall is smaller than the other residence halls, students who live there often become family for life.
  • Is designated for our second-year students and is equipped with air conditioning.
  • Single room is 8’8′ x 13’6″
  • Double room is 13’4″ x 13″

miller hall

  • Was the second residence hall built on TU’s campus.
  • Houses 52 people and is recognized for its unique residential architecture and proximity to the Magnus Terra Commons.
  • Zahn’s design inspires closeness among the students and a family atmosphere.
  • Has newly been renovated to be equipped with air conditioning.
  • Single room is 7’10” x 9’8”
    • Single window is 35” x 59”
  • Double room is 9’8” x 15’10”
    • Double window is 35” x 59”

zahn hall


  • Offer our junior, senior and graduate students the option for a much more independent living experience.
  • These buildings offer a five-room, suite style living option.
  • Each suite is furnished with a full kitchen, living room space, two private bathrooms and five single rooms.
  • Each building can house up to 56 students.
  • Take a virtual tour of the Miami Street Apartments here.

miami street apartments


  • Provides five of TU’s active Greek Organizations, three sororities and two fraternities, on-campus housing.
  • Greek residents have the opportunity to live with their brothers and sisters to continue to build the bond that is created in the organization.
  • Tiffin University owns and operates nearly 40 residential houses.
  • Provide a smaller, homey atmosphere for residents.
  • All TU houses include air conditioning as well as furnished living rooms.
  • Our sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students have the option to live in the houses, and is a great alternative for those who like to live in a smaller housing environment.

Housing Applications

Students who wish to apply for on-campus housing can do so through StarRez, Tiffin University’s Housing Portal at

  • The portal allows students to provide preferences regarding the type of room and location they would like to live.
  • Students admitted to TU can apply for housing once they have submitted their tuition and housing deposit of $100 through StarRez.
  • Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Completing your housing application early gives you a better chance of getting your desired location.

Need more information? Have additional questions?

Contact the Student Affairs Office at or (800) 968-6446, ext 3264.