Residence Life

Mission of Residence Life

Our mission is to support the Tiffin University community by providing affordable residential facilities that empower our students to achieve holistic success. We strive to offer living environments that inspire academic achievement, student involvement, personal, and professional development, while focusing on community, safety, wellness, inclusion, and respect. Residence Life aspires to develop students who want to be civically engaged, professionally focused, and life-long learners.
At Tiffin University, we believe in the development of independent decision-making skills. This process is an important part of the family-style approach of small group living, as well as promoting a living-learning environment. The hallmark of Tiffin University’s on-campus living is “community.”

Tiffin University provides you with an excellent opportunity for interaction with other students. This interaction with others leads to greater maturity, a development of self-identity, realization of strengths and weaknesses, and a broadening of one's perspectives. When you live together in a community you will find that there are many opportunities to learn from each other. You will find that it is easier to share talents, experiences and skills through on-campus living.

The Role of the Resident Assistant

Each hall, house, and apartment is supported by a Resident Assistant (RA) who functions as a student advisor and resource for the residents. The RAs are responsible for helping to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning while also building community with the residents. Throughout the year, the RA’s will plan educational, cultural, and social activities that are designed to build positive communities on campus. Additionally, the RA provides a great variety of services from mediating roommate conflicts to initiating needed maintenance or repairs. Your RA is your first point of contact whenever you have a question!

Each night, a team of RAs is on duty to make sure that the halls, houses, and apartments are safe. This is a good time for students to get to know the other RAs in their Neighborhood.

What You Can Expect from TU’s Residence Life:

All Residence Halls are equipped with:

  • XL twin bed and mattress
  • dresser
  • desk and chair
  • wardrobe or closet space for each student

Please Note: Handmade lofts are not permitted on campus. The furniture in most halls is designed to be lofted or bunked. Maintenance will loft the furniture when a work order is completed by your RA.

The following are also important qualities of living on campus:

  • Access to laundry equipment is available. No quarters or swipe card needed.
  • Each hall floor or house has a lounge equipped with a television and microwave.
  • Wireless internet access is available in all residential halls.
  • Access to Residence Life Cinema, a collection of free movies available to stream on your computer, tablet, or phone. You must be on campus and connected to DragonNet!

Have Questions or Need More Information?

If you have any questions or concerns, or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Affairs Office at (800) 968-6446, ext. 3264. Or, contact:

  • Associate Dean of Students
  • Assistant Director of Housing Operations and Area Coordinator for Uptown
  • Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Area Coordinator for Downtown
  • Area Coordinator for Coast

We are here to help you!